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We Provide Web Design and Marketing Services for Individuals and Businesses

on the Monterey Peninsula and Surrounding Areas.


Web Design

43 Designs Digital creates clean functional design to grow your business, organization or event. Using the latest trends and technology available to web design and development, 43 Designs Digital will always be the “yes we can” to your question. Physically located on the Monterey Peninsula, Head Designer Luke Shenefield meets with every client face to face. Even in our digital remote world he believes that face to face is where the magic happens. Start local, go global.



More than 60% of web activity is now on smartphones and only 30% of websites are fully functional in a mobile format. -- How does your business event or organization's page measure up on a smartphone or tablet screen? Doing an full build or just an update? Every project ends with a site that translates seamlessly to a mobile format.



Your site is live and it lives up to your wildest dreams. How do you connect with your client, donor or participant? 43 Designs Digital Search Engine Optimization creates site visibility in major search engines and is a vital component of leveraging your web presence to drive growth. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for any web projects success. Getting high ranking and search engines like Google and bing can make all the difference on getting people to your site. Alpine Ridge Design is experienced in SEO so you can count on your site getting noticed Include something about content dev and blogging for higher SEO results



Your site is selling a product or service that can be ordered online. You


Content Development


Web Support

From start to finish with any project we can build and manage your entire online presence. From setting up hosting space for your site, email accounts for your employees to secure SSL certificates for your shopping cart. You don’t have to have any prior experience or knowledge.

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Web Design Monterey County

We live and make decisions in a fast-paced mobile environment. Your website needs to keep pace with the world we live in by allowing your user to easily access what they need, whether standing in line at the coffee shop or at home working on their desktop.

Professional, Responsible, Outcome-Driven

You need your web presence now! In fact you probably needed it 2 years ago. Clear communication on goals and desired outcomes allows us to get you up and noticed in the shortest time possible.

Internet Presence is the Key to Success

  • Tailored Search Engine Optimization drives customers to your site
  • Continually upgraded and managed social media links will raise your business' profile above the horizon
  • New businesses can clearly communicate to their consumer demographic
  • Have a site that is designed to increase communication with your customer and thus INCREASE SALES or understanding of your organization.


The Crossroads Carmel

  • Muliti-page Informational Site
  • Individual Tenant Boxes
  • Customization and Interactive Map

Dority Roofing

  • Muliti-page Informational Site
  • Custom Contact Boxes
  • Template Customization
  • Galleries
  • Portfolio

Heirloom Pizza

  • Informational Restaurant Site
  • Accordion Menus
  • Links to Online Ordering
  • Social Integration
  • Galleries

Redline Keys

  • One Page Scroll
  • Parallax Effects
  • Informational Site

Dent Guy Mobile Auto Body

  • Informational Site
  • Photo Gallery
  • History, Staff Bios
  • Contact Form

September Ranch

  • Informational Site
  • Available Documents
  • Photo Galleries
  • Social Media Links
  • History, Staff Bios
  • Contact Map

Electric Sky Studio

  • Informational Site
  • One Page Scrolling Menus
  • Blog

43 Digital

  • Informational Site
  • Slider header
  • Portfolio

43 Designs Apparel

  • Informational Site
  • Company Bio
  • Tiered Layout highlights different Aspects

EMR Consulting Solutions

  • Muliti-page Informational Site
  • Custom Contact Boxes
  • Template Customization
  • Client is working in the capacity as a one on one phone consultant, to update and refine already established web presence

Shell by Design

  • Ecommerce site, designed to client specifications
  • Product Presentation
  • Stripe Payment Gateways
  • Taxjar Tax Calculation Integration

Toni Venza Training

  • Informational Site
  • Available Documents
  • Training and Camp Schedules
  • Galleries
  • Social Media Links
  • Staff Bios